i'll be back

hello lovelies,

my friend of whom i talked in my latest post couldn't repair my notebook but, and with this comes a huuuuuge THANK YOU to my friends hubby, same hubby could repair it. so i guess i will be back online in a few weeks. i couldn't be more excited. i really miss blogging which i never realised before this incident...

well, besides from that i am about to move. i don't have a flat (yet-and it surely is a bit nervwrecking to find one) but for the time beeing i will move in with my friend m. who was kind enough to give me shelter for when i needed it the most.

well, i don't want to keep you waiting so i will show you a few pics of my room, which i will leave in a few weeks. as you might remember i changed a few things now and then so, you will see my room in different styles ;) 

for now this is it. i hope you don't have to wait another month to hear from me again.

pictures by amanda james


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