hello lovelies,

as you might recognised I was a wee bit offline the last few months. you might remember i looked for a new flat for the first time on my own. it took much longer then expected, but i found one. a cute little place in the middle of is gonna be a single-room flat with a littly pantry-kitchen an a bathroom.  i can move in in the beginning of janury 2013. and i cannot wait to show you a few pictures. when i had the chance to made them...ehem

so, having this new project to plan i think i will show you a few ideas for what i thought will be in my new flat in the next moths.   


Iro - Ivy said…
Congratulations on your new place sweet Amanda!
It is a wonderful start to live the life that you so deserve and want to.

I must apologize for being so absent on line. We can phone each other though ; )

The best of wishes + warm hugs,
amanda james said…
hello lovely,

so nice to see you around. I am sorry, but I am so tiered from work right now I can't phone. I am really sorry.

But I will write you soon on fb and keep you updated.

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