bath (room)

hello lovelies,

and again i will show some bathroom inspirations. this time from my pinterest board in which i collect all the lovely pictures of homes and home decorating ideas which could be usefull and come in handy when i will finaly move into my little flat. i still can't believe that i will move into my own flat and be on my own for the very first time. this is a wee bit frightening and exciting at the same time. well, i will let pictures speak. there you go.

                     shelves on the wall to add some room in a tiny room

      for some reason i really like this colour scheme but also its tidiness

          the colour! just. this colour. this is what i want to do in my bathroom

bathroom decoration

bathroom decoration von amandajames auf Polyvore

have a nice week,


pictures from my pinterest board (and ther linked to the source)


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