time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

and here we are again. its sunday and i enjoy this special day very much by reading, watching some series and writing some blogpost for the week to come.

saw: once upon a time, pretty little liars, white collar 
read: nothing (didn't had the time) 
heard: john frusciante 
did: rearranged the furniture (i needed some space- a blogost is about to come) 
ate: mashed potatoes made by my mom (the best! ever!) 
drunk: a lot of tea ( i feel a cold coming) 
thought: finally (after i rearranged my furniture) 
happy about: that so many care about me and wish me well 
angry about: canceld appointments 
wished for: that my cute little dwarf rabbit will be with me soon (i had to left him with m) 
bought: a cute littel merry go round and a white squirrel for christmas decoration 
clicked: dawanda, etsy, blogs

well, thats from me this time.

i noticed i didn't show you guys a picture of my beloved bunny gizmo. so, with a few picture of him i leave you to the rest of this chilly sunday.

have a lovely week ahead,

all pictures were taken in the old apartement and by me.


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