time and time again...sundays

Hello lovelies,

this is the last post for 2012. a lot had happend in this year. not all of it was good, but i will tell you in a different post. this one is for my little weekly wrap up.

saw: step it up 2: the streets, end of watch, twelve, true blood (finally)
read: nothing
heard: seeed, max herre, nine
did: worked over christmas (not funny)
ate: turkey on christmas and potatoe salat
drunk: a lot of tea
thought: why me (it apears my back starts to hurt much more these days-i think i need to find a doctor pretty soon)
happy about: that my bunny really likes his new place- he is running around and jumping up and down on my bed; and my new haircolour (i am a blonde again)
angry about: my back, but thats my fault
wished for: health
bought: new underwear
clicked: amazon (for a new hair dryer-mine decinded to gave up on me), ikea (my standard lamp just broke today)

well, thats all for today. i will show you my new arranged room soon (with standard lamp) and a wrap up for 2012. it was such a crazy year-i need the urge to make some thinks clear for myself.

with this i leave you to the last day of 2012. have a nice day and a happy new year!



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