so, this is it. a few words for 2012. 
2012 was a rollercoaster ride of a year. not as good as expected. with a lot of downs on the private part and also a downer on this blog. which i never intented to have. for 2013 i want this blog to be changing a bit. and i hope for the better. i realise this 'time and time again...sundays' thingy does this blog good. i have to blog and i have to recap my week which is a good thing i can focuse on the (mostly) good things in my life. and share. 

i really don't know how far a change will go but it is for sure i won't push. i will go with the flow. maybe showing a bit of my photography on this one. a few more pinterest things. a bit of fashion and beauty. and movies and books and music. and a bit of diy. hopefully i will have a flat soon and i can do all the pretty diy-things i pint over at pinterest. and of course a lot of design and home interiour. because this is all me. 

i am looking forward to this new year. it's gonna be a good one. it just has to ;)

predominatly feeling for 2013?
expecting  it to be good ( i hope 2013 will be a better year than 2012 was)

what did you do for the first time in 2012?
searching for a flat (like seriously)

what have you done in 2012 after a long period of time?

what haven't you done in 2012?
travelling and taking pictures

word of the year?
arbeitssuchend (looking for a job)

gain or lose weight?
gain weight

city of the year?

visited places?
frankfurt, berlin

drank alcohol?
not that much

hair longer or shorter?

spend more or less?

how much was your highest mobile bill?

spend time in hospital?
jupp.  don't wanna do this again

fall in love?

most called person?
m and my mom

happiest time with whom?

spend most time with?
m because we lived together for almost half a year

song of the year?
"losing you" -among others

book of the year?
simon beckett 'the calling of the grave'

tv-serie of the year?
once upon a time

insight of the year? 
letting things go eventually everything will fall into place.

three things i didn`t want to experience?
making a mistake a second time (and again-will i ever learn?!)
realising not every friend is one of mine
in the end you can count on people who knows you the longest

nicest occasion?
coming home-for good

2012 in one word?


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