my new room

hello lovelies,

a new year has arrived and with this the urge to change my room again. well, this isn't true because i changed the furniture in my room in the past year, but i couldn't make until now. as you might know my bunny needed to come to my place, which he did luckily and so i had to rearrange a bit so his cage had room.

i think i did good. the bookshelves are in one place and it nearly feels like a library in here. it also gives the room more space to it. i also put the desk a bit mor farther to the door, so my bed took place where some shelves were. and i put some little shelves on over my bedhead. now i have some room for decorating things. i never thought not closing those ugly holes in the wall will do me any good ;) 

well, my wardrobe and the little chest of drawers are still in the same place. it is a good place for them to stay. in that area not everything is finished but well, i don't know how long i gonna stay with my mom, so i don't feel i need to change something there anytime soon.

with that i will leave you to a couple of pictures. (i notice the quality isn't the best, but i promise it'll be better next time)



did you noticed that little packing case? that's were gizmos cage is right now. it is a cute littel spot and he can sees everything. and he loves it. which is the important part about it.


pictures taken by me


Lynn Williamson said…
What a nice room, Amanda! The color theme is perfect for all your stuff. Placing your laptop right next to your bed makes it more comfortable for you to work on something, perhaps, just do some web browsing. Have you considered having a remodeling project in the future?

Lynn Williamson @ Dal Builders
amanda james said…
hello lynn,

thank you very much for commenting. i moved to my own flat and actually did some remodelling-just hadn't had the time to post any pictures. but will do pretty soon.

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