nails...and nailpolish

hello lovelies,

as i told you i am about to change a few things on this blog. starting with a confession: i am a nailpolishaddict. some might say. i just say i love nailpolish. more than any other kind of make up thing. except for mascara and my sleek palettes but that is not the point. the point is: i bought an nailfan to finally put some polish on same fan. thing is i thought a 50 piece of fan is enough. it is not. i needed another one. which is not here with me right now so i can only show you half of my collction. but you will see. 
i think my collection is pretty in its variety. and even more so, when you see the other half of it. when the nailfan is here. someday in february. i hope. or even march. but for now: there are pictures :D


so, what do you think? this is pretty awesome, isn't it? 


pictures taken by me


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