time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

it is the first of a bunch of sundays in the new year. and i am sick. like literally. i don't feel well and the doctors order was to stay at home and get some rest which i did ;)

saw: greys anatomy (finally i am doing some catching up here)
read: der trümmermörder (on my new kindle paperwhite)
heard: seeeds seeed and live
did: celebrating a quiet new years eve
ate: sushi, rice with vegetables, fruit salad (selfmade)
drunk: a lot of chai tea
thought: i don't wanna be sick
happy about: a postcard with new years wishes disguised as a bunny (made me very very happy-start to smile again right now)
angry about: a person close to me who hurt my mom
wished for: again health
bought: a cover for my kindle
clicked: blogs (i recently discovered blog connect-rumours are bfc is about to close so, to keep up with your favourite blogs chose blog connect; they surely keep you updated), amazon.de

i wish you guys a very healthy week and i hope to be back on track in time.



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