time and time again...sundays

on a monday. 

hello lovelies,

i am sorry, but i got distracted by something called work yesterday. so it is today in the evening i am writing this post and i hope you'll like :)

saw: greys anatomy season 5 and now watching season 6
read: der trümmermörder, started: das glückprinzip (rather funny this one)
heard: seeed and seeed live
did: took pictures, read in bed
ate:  try to stick on my diet, meaning i try to eat gluten free
drunk: a lot of tea
thought: the music in my ear is in perfect syncro to the rain making bubbles on the pont
happy about: bubbles on a pont
angry about: a certain person in my life
wished for: nothing
bought: h&m on sale stuff (not much)
clicked: immobilienscout24, blogs

i wish you a very pleasant week,



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