time and time...sundays

hello lovelies,

and again its time for a new blogpost about my week or something like that.

saw: marvel-the avengers, iron man
read: percy jackson-the lightning thief
heard: seeed
did: went to this yoga studio for a brief counsel (i like it there and after my tooth is well enough i will go there and have myself some classes-as my doctor wishes)
ate: selfmade sandwich (glutenfree) and baked potatoes
drunk: glutenfree beer, cocktail and a lot of tea
thought: some people will never learn
happy about: my job reference from ikea-best ever (so far)
angry about: same people who will never learn...
wished for: that the painkiller finally kick in
bought: make up brushes by zoeva
clicked: pinterest, blog connect, amazon

I hope you had a great week and will have a great week ahead.

till next time,


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