time and time...again

and again on a monday (not even morning) but hey, I am back. 

saw: grimm, castle, being human; silver linings playbook, skyfall, the oscars 2013 (finally)
read: the walking dead
heard: florence and the machine, charlie winston, mumford&sons
did: started to clean my room although i hope to move out soon (the sooner the better, but i am still on apartement search) and start going to a fitness studio (yes, i finally gave in, my health is more important then my pride)
ate: carrot soup, fish
drunk: coffee, tea, water
thought: i do feel better now
happy about: finally get to see all my friends
angry about: mostly about myself for probably screwing it up again
wished for: a place to call my own
bought: shoes, nailpolish
clicked: immobilienscout24

i wish you all alovely week ahead.



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