i am alive

hello lovelies,

i haven't forgotten you or this little blog. i just hadn't had the time to blog. not this one nor the other more personel one. all i can say is i am sorry for not updating for such a long period of time. i hope this will get better soon. i think i needed some time off (for personel reasons). and i think i needed some time alone with my new apartment and everything that goes along with it.

all i can say is: i love it here. and gizmo loves it too. he is running around, when he isn't sleeping or doing some mischieve. 

but i will show you some picture of my apartement in the near future. you will see things you have seen before, such as my little library, and you will see things you haven't seen before like my tiny little kitchen, which i got from the previous tenant. 

but for now, i will leave you with a tiny little glimpse out of my window.

have a nice week ahead,

picture: by me


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