hello lovelies,

as i did last year i will recapture my year in this post. 

a lot of things happend in 2013 which were good but for some reason, and totally not expected from my part, i really felt uninspired to blog. at all. i never intented it to be this calm here but somehow i got occupied with other stuff (and not even in a good way) 
but a great, great thing that happend in 2013 was me moving in to my own flat-which still amases me. and hopefully all the things i said /wrote on my new years post last year will happen this year. because: i really, really missed this.

predominatly feeling for 2014?
hopefully this is going to be a good one

what did you do for the first time in 2013?
moving into my own flat (it has a balcony!)

what have you done in 2013 after a long period of time? rearranging furniture (a lot)
what haven't you done in 2013? 
taking pictures and blogging
word of the year?
ach egal (doesn't matter)

gain or lose weight? lose some and then gain weight (again)
city of the year? berlin (still)
visited places? frankfurt and europapark
drank alcohol? not that much
hair longer or shorter? longer (trying to let it grow-not sure how far it will go knowing my impatient me)
spend more or less? more (guys, i moved!)
how much was your highest mobile bill? 40 euros 
spend time in hospital? nope
fall in love? no, but had an affair and it wasn't even a good one (it caused more damage then it does either of us good)
most called person? m and my mom (like last year)
happiest time with whom? friends
spend most time with?
that'll be l and s

song of the year?
'ascheregen' - casper

book of the year?
'the hunger games' trilogy, the walking dead graphic novels (i haven't read that much i must admit- i am looking forward to change that one)

tv-serie of the year? sherlock (i know there was a gap, but i watched it on dvd a lot of times), game of thrones, elementary and the walking dead
insight of the year?  never push - it'll makes things worse
three things i didn`t want to experience?
trusting people too soon

not saying 'no' when it needs to be said (in the end you are the one who is paying for it)
never let the past become your present (again)

nicest occasion?
coming home to my flat and my rabbit

2013 in one word?

C U around,


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