in the style of

 hello lovelies,

today i will start a new category: 'in the style of...'.  my favourite fictional characters, no matter if male or female, got some clothing inspiration or transformation (genderwise). a bit of playing how i would clothe them.

first of all i will start with the one and only sherlock holmes. this one is based on the famous consulting detective with the new scotland yard. (but this is more orineted towards a female sherlock. if you are a fangirl as i am you will surely know, that sherlock is also a name for a girl ^^)

in the style of

i hope this little collage suits you fine,



h impressed said…
I saw the scarf, then the coat, both really small, on the thumbnail picture on facebook. And I instantly knew what it was. Well done you! :)
amanda james said…
thank you very much :)

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