time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

did you had a great week? mine had a few ups and downs, but nonetheless in the end it was fine.

saw: suits (season 2, startet season 3), small island
read: gone girl; blogs
heard: alex clare
did: cleaing the flat; went to the vet; went to a birthday party; met a friend for coffee; rearranged my books by colour (blogpost will follow)
ate:  salat, casserole, japanese food (no sushi included but it was delicious), brownies
drunk: tea, coffee, water, sake 
thought: hopefully gizmo is okay
happy about: my bunny is eating again and snorring for that matter ^^
angry about: nothing
wished for: health for my bunny
bought: nail polish (it was on sale) and sherlock season 3
clicked: pinterest

i hope you all have a lovely week. 

take care,

picture take by me (with my blackberry)


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