time and time...sundays

hello lovelies,

here a little recap of my week.

saw: sherlock on bbc one, finished american horror story - asylum (will watch american horror story - the coven), tinker, tailor, solier, spy ( very good movie with a lot of uk's finest actors)
read: das mordhaus , a few blogs
heard: casper, charlie winston, mia, john newman
did: read, cleaned the flat (like really cleaning it!)
ate: pasta all arrabiata, indian curry, brussel sprouts and potatoes fried in olive oil an butter seasoned with salt'n pepper 
drunk: coffee, tea, water
thought: i am tired
happy about: my friends and that they think about me
angry about: nothing in particular
wished for: getting some chores done
bought: make up (nail polish)
clicked: pinterest, online shops but bought nothing

i wish you all alovely week ahead.



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