time and time...sundays

hello lovelies,

again a little recap of my week. hope yours was fine too.

saw: sherlock (last episode- i need to wait, probably another two years :'( ) american horror story - coven; suits, the physician
read: gone girl 
heard:  mia, florence and the machine 
did: baked some cakes for my colleagues 
ate: same cake 
drunk: coffee, tea, water 
thought: so much to do 
happy about: so many wished me well on my birthday- thank you again 
angry about: nothing in particular 
wished for: health for my dwarf  
bought: some clothes  
clicked: pinterest, blogs, h&m

i hope you have a wonderful week ahead



Iro - Ivy said…
Happy Birthday sweet girl! I'm sorry to have missed it and I'm happy to read you received many, many wishes!

Wishing you all the very best with all my heart,

Love, Iro xoxo
amanda james said…
hello iro,

thank you so much for wishing me well. i am missing you.

i hope we will meet again. maybe when you guys visit berlin?

love, amanda

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