time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

i hope you had a wonderful week. enjoy your sunday!

saw: suits season 3, lost girl (still on season 2), the tenant of wildfell hall
read: gone girl ( i think it is not as thrilling as any recommendation suggested. perhaps this will turn around but  i am not that impressed so far)
heard: some ol' bullshit by the beastie boys ^^
did: went to the gym, baked bread 
ate: pasta with creamy chicken and mushroom sauce, ciabatta with tomatoes and cheese; brunched with colleagues
drunk: coffee, tea, water
thought: some people just don't know when they need to stop!
happy about: gizmo doing some binkies and running around like a wild horse 
angry about: said people...starts to be annoying
wished for: a lot more years with gizmo. love this little fellow so much. 
bought:  just groceries
clicked: pinterest; dawanda; onlineshops


my orchids are in bloom. can't wait to see them in full bloom.

he enjoyed a lazy, sunny saturday. most of the timehe was snorring his way up to sleepy heaven ^^

have a nice week ahead,



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