time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

and again a little round up of my past week. although i was a little ill this week i had a nice week. followed by a great weekend meeting with friends.

saw: rust and bone (der geschmack von rost und knochen); luther (final season); the walking dead (they are back!!!) and lost girl
read: finally finished gone girl startet with noah by sebastian fitzek
heard: just the usual stuff on the radio
did: had my hair done (new bangs and they are mostly at teh same length now) but still red :)
ate: although i usualy eat glutenfree for healthy reasons sometimes i cannot restist a homemade bagle, even if it was homemade by a vegan cafè
drunk: tea, water, coffee, soymilk, ricemilk
thought: how amazing it still feels to live in this flat
happy about: the concert tickets for beatsteaks arrived
angry about: nothing
wished for: health for me and my rabbit and my friends (it is important)
bought: little things from tiger
clicked: blogs, pinterest, h&m

have a nice week ahead,



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