time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

and again a little recap of my week.

saw: the walking dead; peaky blinders; dark shadows; the prestige
read: noah by sebastian fitzek; don't know what to read now :( any suggestions/recommendations?
heard: just radio and casper, florence & the machine, john newman on my ipod
did: had some great window shopping trip with one of my besties yesterday
ate: rice noodles with vegetables made by l. (it was delicious!!!) and the usual boring stuff, nothing fancy at all
drunk: tea, coffee, arizona tea
thought: finally it feels like spring (although i am a winter girl by heart i really like the seasons changings)
happy about: a belated birthday present! sun! and my rabbit is hopping on and off my bed ^^ means he feels great
angry about: nothing
wished for: the way it is right now it is perfect...
bought: groceries and kusmi tea
clicked: pinterest, blogs, ikea (i am in need of an ikea-trip pretty soon; the little chair i wanted to buy will be out of stock soon...)

hope you have a lovely sunny sunday,


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