time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

and again a little recap of the past week.

saw: lost girl, luther
read: gone girl (still)
heard: just radio
did: went to a concert (old school german hiphop-loved it and the company i was with :D ), met a long time friend of mine (hopefully we will see eachother a lot more often)
ate: rice with vegetables, pasta with pesto rosso
drunk: water, tea, coffee
thought: thanks for the (not so) fair warning
happy about: my dwarf feels good
angry about: not angry but annoyed by a certain person i have to work with
wished for: health in general
bought: fjälltag (bunny approved ;) ) und brakig limited edition and make up from kosmetikkosmo
clicked: pinterest, blogs, h&m, ikea

have a lovely week ahead,


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