time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

and again it is the time of the week ;)

saw: the walking dead, hannibal, elementary, scandal; elizabethtown, veronica mars
read: silver bay by jojo moyes
heard: casper, charlie winston, florence and the machine
did: went to a technical rehearsal of blue man group berlin (they kind of refreshing the show and it is awesome! but didn't expect anything less); had an spontaneous trip to ikea and bought the armchair i wanted for so long (remember my post last sunday? ^^) and of course i needed to rearrange the furniture
ate: pasta, pizza, salat, brunch with colleagues
drunk: coffee, tea, water
thought: is it really five years now?
happy about: things start to work out
angry about: nothing
wished: better time management
bought: a ticket for miss platnum tour in may, said armchair and some other things while at IKEA
clicked: blogs, pinterest, amazon, zalando

have a lovely week,

p.s.: is anyone watching the oscars? i can't because i have to work tomorrow :(

pictures taken by me


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