time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

last weekend i felt a bit under the weather although same was really, really lovely and my mom and her friend were visiting me. the result: i catched a cold and was sick the whole week. now i am feeling a bit better, although my nose is still a bit sore.

saw: the walking dead, hannibal, elementary, scandal, haven, reign (i really like the costumes even they are not accurate. it is nice to watch but historicaly not correct)
read: silver bay by jojo moyers
heard: radio and new miss platnum :D
did: household chores; baked a cake
ate: a lot of vegetables, salat, lemon cake (selfmade)
drunk: coffee, tea, water, cranberry juice
thought: hmpf!
happy about: my friend hanna comes to visit me :D
angry about: being sick sucks
wished: to sleep more, constantly woken up by your pet surely is cute and saves you from the alarm clock, but it doesn't come in handy on the weekends :(
bought: nailpolish, new miss platnum album as mp3
clicked: blogs, pinterest

have a lovely week ahead,


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