time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

i hope you all had a wonderful week. 
i had a visitor in my little flat this week and it surely was great to have someone here for the first time. we had a lot of catching up to do and it was so great. next time you are here i hopefully will have some free time to spend with you!

saw: the walking dead; scandal; suits; reign; true detectives; sherlock (with h. and we squeed a lot :))
read: finally finished 'silver bay' and now on to 'das hexenkreuz'
heard: miss platnum on heavy rotation- can't get enough of her new album
did: bowling, late night talks with h. while she was here
ate: salad with chicken, riso pollo, indian curry
drunk: water, coffee, vanilla chai tea, tequila sunrise, carrot-orange-ginger-juice
thought: mind your own f***g business!
happy about: my first visitor in my apartement; a really, really lovely night with my co-workers and my somehow a little stupid rabbit who tries to jump on my new armchair but fails with a really loud 'thump' (he then just pretended it never happend but i am certain he will try again-in the end he is one little fighter who never gives up)
angry about: why do people always feel the urge to talk behind someones back? this really is annoying.
wished: that my rabbit stays with me as long as possible
bought: mascara
clicked: pinterest, blogs

have a nice and sunny sunday,


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