hello lovelies,

i did it last year and the year before: a recap. a lot has happend in 2014. a lot of unexpected things. in a good or bad way- i don't know. but i can say this- i do feel a lot more better than the years before. and hopefully i can blog again. i will take babysteps. and won't push myself too far. from too much pressure never comes good. 

predominatly feeling for 2015?
i want this year to be a quite, less stressful one 

what did you do for the first time in 2014?

talked openly about my diagnosis 

what have you done in 2014 after a long period of time? 

read more than the average 20 books a year

what haven't you done in 2014? 

still didn't blog that much

word of the year?

dysthymie (in english it is called double depression)

gain or lose weight?


city of the year? 


visited places? 

none this year

drank alcohol?

yes, but not much

hair longer or shorter? 

first longer and then cut it off again. i am and still will be a short hair girl

spend more or less? 

i decided to take a closer look at my finances and will try to spend less money this year

how much was your highest mobile bill?

35 euros

spend time in hospital?  

yes. in a day hospital

fall in love? 
no, but had the usual crush on someone

most called person?
my mom
happiest time with whom? 

my friends and pebbles

spend most time with?

that'll be pebbles i guess. and probably l.

song of the year?
hasn't changed since last year: caspar 'im ascheregen' (meaningful to me-more than ever) 

book of the year?
norwegian wood - haruki murakami, jojo moyes - one plus one, patti smith - just kids, eric axl sund - krähenmädchen, narbenkind

tv-serie of the year? 
ripper street, penny dreadful, gotham. marvel agents of s.h.i.e.l.d., american horror story, stalker, scandal, how to get away with murder and peaky blinders

insight of the year?  

you can't please everybody and i am not responsible for everyone and everything that surrounds me

three things i didn`t want to experience?

the death of my beloved dwarf gizmo
doing the same mistakes over and over again
letting my depression getting in the way of my life 

nicest occasion?
just being with my friends and doesn't need to explain a single thing because they know and better, understand :*

2014 in one word?


Have a nice week,


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