2016 - a recap

hello lovelies,

a little something for you. i think I will be back with blogging. a bit different and slow but blogging nonetheless. I hope you enjoy. so let's 2017 be a better one.

predominatly feeling for 2017?
please be good to me

what did you do for the first time in 2016?

starting being more active on Instagram which led me to be, i guess, a part of bookstagram

what have you done in 2016 after a long period of time? 

take the time to read more and more

what haven't you done in 2016? 

still didn't blog

word of the year?

bookstagram aka the joy of reading books and taking beautiful pictures of same books

gain or lose weight?


city of the year? 

berlin. still.

visited places? 

none this year

drank alcohol?

not much

hair longer or shorter? 


spend more or less? 

not much. but more on books. which is, in my opinion a good thing

how much was your highest mobile bill?

30 euros

spend time in hospital?  


fall in love? 
i am in a relationship

most called person?
my mom, my friend L and my bf
happiest time with whom? 

my friends and pebbles and peppermint patty

spend most time with?

pebbles, peppermint patty, L and my bf

song of the year?
'alive' by SIA

book of the year?
nevernight - jay kristoff, lunar chronicles - marissa meyer, vicious and this savage song - v.e. schwab

tv-serie of the year? 
stranger things, penny dreadful, got, htgawm, twd, jessica jones, sense8

insight of the year?  

try to be yourself. as hard as it is sometimes. it is better that way. 
three things i didn`t want to experience?

- seeing my bunny pebbles die in front of my eyes. i really thought we had a lot more years together. i just miss her so much
- the rollercoaster year my life has been this year
- being unemployed and having no idea what to do next. but i am working on that

nicest occasion?
just the little things: being with friends, talk, read, taking pictures, pet my bunny
2016 in one word?


Take good care,


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