A new Begining?

Hello there, 

long time no see. 

I wasn't very active - read not - here on my blog. I used to love it but then I started to compare myself with others and their fancy and beautiful pictures and better english and I lost my confidence. Which as a blogger or wannabe blogger is a very bad thing. 

But I never really want to give up this little baby of mine. And I think thanks to Instagram and a little community called bookstagram there I will start again. As a bookblogger mainly. 

I don't want to push myself to far in blogging three times a week, but I think once a week is a good start. 

Mostly this blog will contain ramblings on books I've read or read at the moment. Could be that this will be bilingual. That depends wether I read the book in german or english. 

All in all you will read about my thoughts on books. And I hope you will like and enjoy my ramblings. 

Take care,


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