february wrap up

Hello Lovelies,

it is the beginning of march and I think I owe you my february wrap up which this post will be about.

In total I read three books from which one was my first audiobook.

My first experience with the audiobook 'everything, everything' by Nicola Yoon was a surprisingly good one. The concept of audiobooks isn't one that comes easily to me. I'd rather curl up in bed with a cup of tea or coffee or sit on the train to work with headphones to block out all noises from the outside world then doing stuff while listening to an audiobook. But I did and it was very good. I had to find out which household chores work the best with the audiobook and after finding them and setting my iPad up it was a very pleasant ride. The book was well spoken, interesting and gripping. so, when I went to the library I picked up other audiobooks to read.

My second read was '13 reasons why' by Jay Asher. This book should come with a trigger warning. I knew it is about suicide but apart from that it covers so much more then that. It starts with gossip, false accusations, bullying and so on. It triggered me very deep because I myself was bullied in school and suicidal and still suffer from depression but these were not the main trigger. I recommend this book but you should be warned.

My third and final read in february was 'Die Wahrheit über Alice' (Beautiful Malice) by Rebecca James. It was a solid criminal read. Halfway through the book I kind of knew what happend and that ruined it a bit for me. To be honest though I read so many detective stories, criminal stories and psychological thriller the book must be extraordinary to really surprise me. Although I love me a good detective story ;)

So, if you read or want to read one of the books and want to talk about it - feel free to comment.

I wish you a lovely week.

Take care,


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