World book day

Hello lovelies,

today is world book day, but honestly when isn't, and today I will tell you a bit about my reading story. 

In east berlin, where I grew up, children were taught to read in the very beginning of elementary school. And I was very, very bad at it. My grades very not good. I had a 3 which equals to a C I guess and that wasn't good. My parents didn't helped me either because they didn't knew how. 

But my nanny knew. My nannys mom lived in west berlin and she smuggled some comics over the border. And with these comics I started to read. My first attempt was just looking at the pictures but I wanted to know more and then I started reading.I mean really reading. And I couldn't stop. I read all the comic books she brought to our home and gained interest in reading more. Shortly after I got my first library card and since then I was found in the library every week or so. 

And I loved reading ever since. I consumed books. Due to my mental health condition there was a break in my reading adventure. Which now seems to be lay in the past. 

I read more then I have in the years during my haviest depression and I love it. I love that YA is a 'thing' now. I love that there are more diverse books. I just love that books are taken more seriously now. Or maybe it is just me realising I am not alone in my love for books. That it is so cool to be a booknerd. That you can say 'I love to read' and you are not boring any longer. Well, I think I am not boring because I can wander through worlds without leaving my home :)

Tell me your story. I'd like to hear it. 

I am thinking of doing some kind of classic books I read thing. Are you interested in that?

As always, take care and celebrate the best day of the year (except for your birthday ;) ),



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