Ruin and Rising - Grisha #3

Hello lovelies,

it's been a while since I read Leigh Bardugos Ruin and Rising the third installment in the Grisha series - nonetheless I wanted to talk about it. With this book it comes all to an end with Alina, Kel an the Darkling and all the other figures we dicovered in the first two books. 

I needed some time to get back into Ravka and the story but this book amazes me as the other two did. The story, a bit slow in book two, paced up and we got the fight over Ravka. I did cried a bit in the end but I liked the ending. It was all Alina could have asked for and Leigh Bardugo made it happen. I really enjoyed the storytelling and the setting in the Grisha books and I will dive into this world again when I have my copy of Six of Crowes. 

I guess The Grisha Trilogy will be a reread for me. Especially when I own the physical form in paperback and not only the digital form on my kindle. 

Take care,



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