Totenfang (The restless dead) - Simon Beckett

Hello Lovelies,

finally I was able to read my Birthday present from this year. It is Totenfang (The restless dead) by Simon Beckett one of my all time favorite authors and an absolute autobuy for me. 

This is the fifth book in a series that is surrounded towards the forensic anthropologist David Hunter.

Since i read the first book I was hooked and already a bit late to the party - as always. Nonetheless I love these books very much. As well as the other books Simon Beckett has written so far. There is just one missing which I intend to change this year. Just wait and see.

Anyway, we again follow David Hunter who is now working as a professor at a university due to the unlikely circumstances regarding his last case. 
A police officer is calling him to help them identify a body they found in the marches. Hunter found something 'off' along his analysis of the body, the father of the dead person reacts unusual and even a family who lives near by seems to be involved somehow.

What I like about the David Hunter series is that it always is a fast read for me. I usually need two days with a hard cover in german. I like the science in it which isn't to sciency when you know what I mean and I like that it usually takes around a week within the books story to unfold. 

The only things i dislike is that the waiting for the next book takes so much time and that David Hunter always seems to stumble upon cases. Which is a teeny tiny bit annoying but understandeble when you know that his private life is somewhat an unsolved mystery itself. 

If you want to have an entertaining evening grab yourself a David Hunter book and you are set. 

What do you think about David Hunter or Simon Becketts other stories? Let me know. I'd like to discuss with you. 

Take care,

P.S.: I read the german edition of The restless dead by Simon Beckett.  


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