Ich bin der Zorn - Ethan Cross

Hello Lovelies,

today I want to talk to you about Ich bin der Zorn (The Judas Game) by Ethan Cross. Another book in the Shepherd Series. 

This one was part of my Sub den Sommer challenge and as always I really enjoyed this book. I already told in one of my other reviews that I am not so fond of Maggie and Markus as well. I think they are a bit too full of themselves to truely understand certain things. 

Although Markus seems to be more willing to understand and make amends. I think Maggie will do the same in her own time. 

Whom I really like and enjoy is Francis. He is the one who tries his best to help where he can. Brought up by a father whos goal in life was to create a monster without any decent human emotion surely does help in that case. Of all characters I like Francis the most because of his complexity. 

What is it with Villains? Why do writers make them so appealing? Is it because they somehow makes them more human when they struggle to understand good people?! Tell me if you know an answer to that. I like to know. 

Take care,


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