Die Gemeinschaft der Dolche ( Young Elites ) - Marie Lu

Hello Lovelies,

another book from my library haul.
This time I want to talk about The Young Elites by Marie Lu. I read the german version Die Gemeinschaft der Dolche published by Loewe. It is a hardcover and is 412 pages long.

It was an okay read to me. I didn't liked the main character and didn't fully understood where this book was leading too. Somehow my patience with the main character was very short. She wasn't very likeable and there was nothing in her character development that could convince me otherwise. I get that her childhood was horrible but she wasn't the only one who was suffering from what had happend in her world. I found her to be very ungrateful and that is something I on a personal level can't work with. 

I won't read the other books in this series. i don't think I will miss anything. I really want to like this series because I loved Legend so much. I can't even blame it on the translation, I read Legend in german and really, really liked it.  

Did you read The Young Elites? I already heard and read mixed reviews. I hope Marie Lu's new book Warcross will be better. 

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